Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Blogging

A belated thanks to the MRC crew for their recent posts nominating best Utah ultrarunning blogs and including me!  And a thank you as well to those who read this blog from time to time.  (See the MRC post here and my winning 'Aquatic Antisocial' piece here.)

I've found there to be an inverse correlation between the amount of actual running I do and the quantity and quality of the writing I do, blog and otherwise (case in point, the post above was written while rehabilitating a stress fracture).  As such, hoping to capitalize on my strengths I may just devote 2013 entirely to writing about running without actually doing any (1).

With this great fame and fortune I've done some reflecting on my motivations for maintaining a blog, which I plan on writing about here:

Singing my own praises, smarmy remarks, frank provocation, mitigation of death anxiety and braggadocio. 

Blogging about blogging: in today's hyper-self-conscious world of social media and simulacrum this reflexive turn is a requisite (unavoidable?) milestone and one that I will pass through here, albeit with some characteristic struggling.  Because the self-referential bent is not only a partial and ineffective disguise of the primary motivation but, moreover, through its attempt to control its own reception becomes an even more potent emblem of that motivation.

In keeping with the self-referential thematics, here is a former blog post exploring the exploration of these issues and the limitations thereof in Charlie Kaufman's film Synechdoche, New York.

In unrelated but immediately relevant news, this coming weekend marks Jared Campbell's second annual Running Up for Air event on Grandeur Peak.  Unfortunately we are out of town and unable to participate but please consider supporting this worthy cause for more breathable air in the Wasatch Front!

(1) snowshoe running, or 'shoeing excepted.

Soldier's Hollow with Ada in tow.

Nordic goddess, Bethany Strongmansdottir



Slickrock running.


Pretty easy to get lost...


in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Achilles injury has me exploring new sports...


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  2. Nicely done B.Lew. I had to comment on the photos. They made my day. Thanks.