Monday, April 30, 2018

NZ Month #7

We took a bit of a 'breather' month with less travel after going full bore for the last 6 months exploring.  A few weeks of sickness thrown in helped keep things pretty mellow.


My regular lunchtime run over Flagstaff from work.

Very rainy exploration of Mt. Cook Nat'l Park. This was the best photo of the bunch.

Lake Tekapo


Out on an exploratory long run from Tekapo.

Ada's rendition of Wall-E

Bethany, Jane, Ada prior to the Dunedin 3 peaks trail race

Finish of 3 peaks race. 1st Masters Female!

Bethany's 40th birthday 'party'

Ada after doing a set of (voluntary) intervals: 10 x 20 sec. I swear this wasn't my idea.

Another sunrise from home.

'foxgloves' by Nikolai Astrup.  Just like it.

Monday, March 26, 2018

NZ, Month #6

Nice hat Junie.

Ada's Takahe

a real Takahe


Routeburn track



sunrise from home.

Another sunrise.

Long run with Bethany.

Soccer in Arrowtown.

Titanic, Glenorchy.

Bethany, pre Bungee jump.

Sunrise from home.

Soccer in Dunedin.

Wyn visits!

Oamaru, Steam Punk capital of the world!

A selection of brews from Craftwork Brewery, Oamaru.

Brendan and Laura, run on Routeburn track.



Run up Ben Lomond with Anna Frost, Braz, Vince Heyd.

Queenstown rope swing.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Zealand Month #5 (February)

Ada volunteering in a Wellington Street Performance
Tongariro crossing.

Tongariro crossing


Tongariro Crossing
Tongariro Crossing

Hike with Mimi and Papa in Taupo

Huka falls, Taupo

Rotorua mud pools


Rainy day at Te Puia

Chinese New Year in Dunedin


Castle Point



North island trail run.


Wellington trail run

Silly time.

with Mimi.

Bethany, post Tarawera ultra marathon

Another trail run from Wellington on a rainy day.


Dunedin weekly farmers market

Ada art + google deep dream software


Friends from SLC: The Adlers.

Our sheep.

Do you dare?