Friday, January 18, 2013


The great thing about snowshoe running is that you get all the aerobic benefits of climbing as you would on backcountry ski gear but then, rather than float effortlessly and aesthetically down a slope making buttery powder turns you can slowly and laboriously trudge backwards in your own plunging steps maintaining a heaving and lactate-inducing aerobic effort.

It seems that even owning a pair of snowshoes in this ski-driven athletic climate provokes scoffs and commentary.

Which is why I've made it my new mission to promote 'shoeing with every forthcoming blog post, regardless of season or snow.  Come summer I plan on adhering some rubber tips onto the teeth of my Atlas running showshoes so as to continue enjoying the multitude of advantages to be had.


Red Pine Portrait

Aesthetic Inversion.


Neat snow, Lookout Peak.


Mt. Wire descent.

Neat snow.


Above Desolation Lake.

Mill D.

Beautiful day.

Red blob?

Ashokan Farewell.