Thursday, October 25, 2012

Running and Banjo

For your viewing pleasure.  Showcasing some running clips over the past year as well as my 2 week old banjo skills

Thursday, October 4, 2012

the soon-to-be-past

The Wasatch 100 has come and gone, the aspen are blazing, my daughter is somehow 2 years old, and the LEWIS! family has returned to the routine of being productive working members of society after what has been a blissful summer of playing.  While this latter has its pros and cons, the implications of the former- namely it being autumn- are indisputably grand.  The cooler mornings, the angle of the light, the imminence of winter's stillness: all climatologic reminders of  impermanence and transition.  This must be the feeling of living in the present moment.  A heady awareness -almost by the minute- of change, a peculiar dislocated nostalgia, not directed towards the past but somehow towards what you are experiencing right now.  The appreciation of the soon-to-be-past.  

Running has been a casual and relaxed affair in the last several weeks characterized by lingering musculotendinous tweaks but little reason to devote much concern or worry without any big events on the immediate horizon.  I've lazed about and read some books.  I bought a bottle of good whisky.  I may just learn the banjo.   From a running standpoint the highlight of course has been pacing The Matt Hart over the last 25 miles of the Bear 100 last weekend to an impressive 3rd place finish in 19:29 through the still woods of the Bear River range. This was the capstone to an inspirational triumvirate of pacing duties for yours truly this past summer: Erik in the Millwood 100, then Jared at Hardrock, then Matt at the Bear- all heroes of mine in the world of endurance suffer-fests.

Chris, Peter, Matt, aspen.

Chris and Peter on Gobblers Knob

Squid cake.

Matt, Me, Chris up from Porter Fork.

New bike.

The view from my runs since I've started work.

at Beaver Mountain crewing for Matt

Headed up Lookout Peak.