Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rim to Rim to Rim!

Mon- r2r2r Grand Canyon in 12:30.  Av. Hr 132.  11,000 ft climbing.  Ate Gu and shot blocks the whole way, felt strong.  Quads tired.

Tues- off, driving home.

Wed- off, tired.

Thurs- 40 min easy from work. 200 vert.

Fri- 1:30 Bonneville.  Easy.  1500 vert.

Sat- 2:00 Bonneville with Peter, north from City Creek.  2000 vert.  Easy.

Sun- 1:20 with Rob, pipeline, easy.  Then 30 min sugarhouse PM, easy.  1:50 total.  500 vert.

Totals= 18:30 running.  15,200 vert.

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