Saturday, September 10, 2011

What the Hell Happened? / Looking ahead to the Bear 100

Well, it was Monday night, just a little over 3 days before lining up for the Wasatch 100 and I suddenly vomited.  Then I vomited again.  And then again.  And then I had shaking chills and a fever.  And then it didn't stop for the next 2.5 days.  Hmmm, poor timing.  I can get over this thing in time to line up Friday morning, I told myself repeatedly.  No big deal.  I won't be at 100% but I'll still make a go at it.  This strained mentality continued over the next several days where I stayed home from work, didn't leave bed except to make it to the toilet, and ingested 0 calories.  Not the ideal carb loading regimen.

Thursday AM I finally felt better enough to go to work, although I was still orthostatic and broke into a cold sweat just climbing up the stairs from the basement.  I laced up my running shoes that morning and went out for a lurching 15 minutes in sugarhouse park.  Immediately upon returning from 1 loop around the circuit I puked in my driveway.  Hmmm...

I didn't see a lot of options so figured I'd just line up and take my chances, as dismal as they currently appeared.  I tried to eat all day, maybe getting in about 500 calories or so.  Then Bethany texted me and asked why didn't I consider doing the Bear 100 in 2 weeks time just a bit north of here in Logan: similar terrain, similar difficulty, a bit more low key, and beautiful fall scenery.  I realized then and there that regardless of whether I did the Bear or not there was little sense in lining up to race the following day given my condition and the fact that I was still having trouble standing up for stretches of time.

I had to do some difficult re-prioritization with some other obligations that weekend but ended up pulling the trigger and signing up for the Bear 100 on Friday, Sept. 23rd.  I'm psyched to be able to parlay this fitness at least into a 100 mile race but was definitely a bit bummed to not be able to do the Wasatch which I had been looking forward to all year.

It turned out to be an exciting race this year.  I didn't feel well enough to actually spend any time out on the course but watched online from the comfort of my couch.  Some great local talent.  Will try again next year...

Onward to the Bear!


  1. It will be great to see you at the Bear. I will be doing my first and coming from no altitude.

  2. Hi Michey,
    Awesome- will look for you in a week and a half! Hopefully we'll start getting some nice fall colors in Utah by then.