Monday, July 2, 2012

Brighton Marathon

Another solid week in the books with decent volume and vertical, ending with the informal Brighton Marathon this past Sunday.  While I had run the course before this was my first time doing the actual event which is a yearly occasion thanks to the MRC crew and a number of other volunteers who flag the course and provide water en route (see gps map below).  I carpooled up to Brighton with Peter Adler and Pete Stoughton, arriving about 5 minutes before we all casually sauntered out of the parking lot and up the trail.   I ended up running the whole thing at the front with Greg Norrander which was a blast and also a nice boost to the confidence in being able to keep up with this guy.  Apart from Greg blazing up the first section of climbing from Mill D we kept the pace pretty controlled and conversational.  I think we were at 4:38 total time.  Post race/run festivities were at Jay Aldous' house at Brighton.  Thanks all for a great morning!

Bethany and David Hayes climbing up to Desolation Lake


Grandview summit.

On Grandview, stylized.

Wasatch 100 course from a distance...

Family run in Sugarhouse park right before Bethany left for Ghana.
Mamma's not coming home for a little while Ada...

Red Pine Lake.

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