Wednesday, June 19, 2013


After a brief stint in Barcelona I've been here in Andorra for the last several days with a great crew of folks- Jared, Mindy, Teresa, Steve, Roch, Catherine, and my dad Craig.  We're all getting pretty excited for the 106 mi Ronda dels Cims that starts Friday AM.   The 44k ft of climbing and 44k ft of descending in addition to an unprecedented amount of snow this year will ensure a good long struggle on surely the toughest run I've ever attempted.  With fairly limited internet access I'll limit my post to the following images for now.

Course reconnaissance. Inexplicably right on the GPS track.

 "What the f*%@ was that?" - Roch Horton.  Barkley style.

The Grandalla: the national flower.

Roch and Jared.

Big climb up the other side to Alt de la Capa.

Refugi les Fonts.  Storm rolling in.

The crew.

Craig Lewis, above Soldeu.

Getting excited.

Snowfield at about 147k into the race.

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  1. The excitement is tangible in photo 9/10. Did you bring the 'shoes?