Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Zealand Month #3

Month #3 for the LEWIS! family in NZ.  Highlights included trips to Wellington and Wanaka, exploring the Catlins, time in Te Anaua, a backpacking trip on the Kepler track, attempts at surfing, moving into the house we will stay in for our remaining time here, and watching the first 6 Star Wars movies with Ada.  Above is a short video of some of our early adventures here.

Google deep dream rendition

Near Wanaka

Wellington. Travelled there for a conference early December.

Date night hike in Aramoana.

A proper office.

Nice digs.

Ada's school Christmas violin performance

Fresh fruit in central Otago.

Lake Wanaka


View from my seat on my semi-regular commute to Invercargill.  Massive turbulence on this one. This clinic day was bookended with conspicuous and pitiful vomiting into a plastic bag.

Young Jedis.

Nugget Point in the Catlins.

Nugget Point.


Boogie boarding in Curio Bay over Christmas break.

Curio Bay
sweet Junie.
start of Kepler track.
start of Kepler track.
Kepler track
Junie had the queen of spades.
ego-less communion with eucalyptus
Te Anaua
Ada made this hat.

Te Anaua


Not a bad view from our crib.

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  1. This all looks amazing! So glad you are enjoying your time there.