Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gist

Helfer heading up Uncle.  
I've accumulated some decent vertical over the last 2 weeks (a little over 40,000ft of vertical gain), a good deal of it slogging uphill in snow.  This marks a stodgy commitment to my general training plan of running whenever the opportunity arises, doing none to very little fast running, lots of ups, and skimpy overall mileage totals.  While controversial and certainly not a plan destined to take one to the Olympic Trials, I justify this approach by fear of injury and facilitate it by not wearing any form of GPS tracking device- the latter allowing for not only gross overestimation of distance traveled but also convenient obscuration of one's true level of fitness.   While this would be unthinkable for a candy-assed, obsessive-compulsive, existentially-adrift triathlete, or even my former mileage-obsessed road marathoning self, it nicely fits the bill for me right now.
AM Grandeur, west face.

Slogging up Mt. Wire with the sunrise.

Jason, Mt. Wire.  Cold.

A bit of a treacherous descent.

Mom, Ada, and new snowfall.

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  1. Love this: "a candy-assed, obsessive-compulsive, existentially-adrift triathlete." I actually giggled out loud :)

    I like your new take on running. I may try out a similar approach, too :)