Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trail Running: East and West.

It's been a dry winter here in Salt Lake.  While this has made for consistently runnable lower elevation trails it has definitely limited other winter activities.   Luckily, running is a pretty great thing in and of itself.  Having done zero snowshoeing this winter I may forgo the 50k snowshoe race at the end of this month and simply focus on building strength for the upcoming spring racing season.  In that regard I've been able to accumulate some decent time on my feet over the past 3 weeks- both here as well as back in Maine visiting my folks.  I'm also finalizing my race schedule for the spring and summer which will likely look something like this:

March- Antelope Island 50 mile
April- Zane Grey 50 mile
May- Zion 100?  vs. June 2nd Pocatello 50
June- San Juan Solstice 50 mile
July- Speedgoat 50k
August- ? possibly Transrockies with Bethany
September- Wasatch 100, lottery pending.
Fall TBD.

Piano lessons with Mimi 

Icy trail up Saddleback (Maine)

A bit slick


Bethany scrambling up classic Maine trail.

Jason Berry on ridge between Mt. Aire and Grandeur.

Sunrise on Bonneville

Afternoon on Bonneville.
Bethany in the Maine woods.

Why we averaged 18min per mile on this long run.

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