Monday, February 20, 2012

Being Social.

Another great couple of weeks of running / post-holing up steep snow covered slopes.  I've had a lot of social runs lately which has been a nice change of pace from my typical solitary and antisocial caveman ways.  Highlights include some good running with Jason Berry, Greg Norrander, Bryon Powell, Matt Vukin, Chris Helfer, Kerry Gaines, Jared Campbell, and Bethany.  Got in about 8 hours of running this past weekend with a vert session with Jared on Saturday, hitting both Mt. Olympus and Grandeur for over 7000 vertical and then a hard aerobic 23 miles with Bethany yesterday along a slushy and wet Bonneville trail.  I woke up this AM with my second of 2 colds in the last 3 weeks: a testament to starting Ada in disease-infested daycare and simply an additional level of resistance added to the training load.

School! Doggy!

Summit of Grandeur, right after doing Olympus which is in the background

A typical training day for Jared... 

Bethany on Bonneville trail, slushy conditions
Helfer on Mt. Wire

Bryon Powell and Chris Helfer at Round Valley

 Baby moose at Round Valley (mamma close-by)

Ascending west face of Grandeur.  

Looking towards Mt. Olympus off Grandeur.  
Black Mtn with new snowfall
Coming off Black Mtn, valley below

Greg Norrander and Jason Berry in the fog on Mt. VanCott.

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