Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates and TRT

Two big pieces of news over the past week: 1) I got into the Wasatch 100 and 2) I committed to a speed record attempt on the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail in August.  Gary Gellin- the speedster who I met at the Bear 100 this past year- has been organizing an impressive team of ultrarunners to take on this challenge (everyone running as individuals) and was gracious enough to invite my sorry ass along.   The current record is 38:32 and is held by the phenom Kilian Jornet.  I must say, even mentioning this possibility feels like unrealistic hubris on my part (as far as my abilities alone are concerned.)  But what the hell...  I'm certainly not one to turn down such a potent opportunity to sublimate death anxiety.  I can only hope to be fit enough by that time so as not to embarrass myself too badly.

I've had a good run of healthy, solid training over the last month with over 80,000 vertical gain in January.  While little of this training has much likely bearing on my prospects at the mostly graded and nontechnical trails at the upcoming Antelope Island 50m it has certainly been enjoyable and hopefully is money in the bank for later season technical mountain races on the schedule.  The past week's highlights include a good threshold effort on Mt. Wire (29:10 to summit in slow, icy conditions), a hard aerobic 26 miler on Antelope Island and then 4 x 5 minute cruise intervals at the end of a 16 miler today- the latter two workouts with Helfer, the Manimal.  Nice to see a bunch of local SLC runners out on Antelope Sunday morning.

Remembering in the midst of this Einstein's caveat: 'not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.'  

Mill D

Mt. Wire, the old standby

Bonneville overlooking the city

I heart Mt. Wire.

Antelope Island, sunrise.

Helfer, taking a break from hammering.

Antelope island...

Towards Mueller Park...


  1. Wow, 29:10 up Mount. Wire is a stout time in any conditions. Strong work. I'm impressed.

  2. Thanks Mike- Mt. Wire is right behind my workplace so I end up running it a bunch.