Monday, May 28, 2012

Back in Action

I've continued to ramp up the mountain running which has been good for the soul and, so far, good for the foot as well.  Some nice adventures over this past week, including a trip to Zion.  I was able to hold back and refrain from doing the Trans-Zion route with Bethany but did get out for some nice 2 hour runs of my own.  Still need to be cautious for a couple weeks.

Butler Fork

Butler Fork

Mt. Raymond

On Gobblers

East Rim

Trans-Zion, at Lava Point.  Helfer, Zach, Kate, Meredith, Bethany.  Me doing support.

Angel's Landing


  1. I think this blog is funny and entertaining...keep em coming

  2. You are a gracious and capable aid station attendant. We are now in touch, I'd like to get out for some running before you find your fitness again.