Sunday, June 10, 2012


Over Memorial Day Weekend I travelled to Pocatello for the Pocatello 50: this year as an aid station volunteer rather than a competitor.  This race- put on by Jared Campbell, Ryan McDermott, and this year Luke Nelson- has been on the calendar over the last several years for its combination of spectacular and gnarly terrain, festive and laid back atmosphere, and proximity to SLC.  The four years since its inception have showcased a wide range of conditions, from the hypothermia-inducing white-out of 2 years ago to a record snowfall year last year forcing a course re-route, to the mid 80 degree temps this year.  The Pocatello 50 is truly a classy event- this will surely continue next year as Luke Nelson takes the reins of race-directorship.

I had a great time taking in the scene from the Mink Creek Aid Station (mile 34) where courage and carnage were present in equal measure as the day heated up.  There were some inspiring performances by a crew of local athletes, including but not limited to Greg Norrander's and Matt Hart's impressive runs, Andy Dorais' 50 mile debut, Karl Meltzer and Jay Aldous in a sprint finish, Mindy Campbell taking home 3rd place for women, Jason Berry heading out for leg 3 despite clearly being in the early stages of heat exhaustion (he survived), and Peter Lindgren practicing the tenets of good friendship and good medicine in shepherding in a delirious Christian Johnson.  Nice to be a part of this.

Here's some photos as well as video footage I compiled from the last 6 months of running:

                                                                                             Mink Creek Aid Station, prior to the deluge of  runners.

Intrepid race directors: Ryan and Jared

West Face of Grandeur.
Bowman Fork

Mt. Raymond

Coming off Raymond.

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  1. Delirious indeed. Thanks for your help Ben, it was great to see you out there. Hopefully we can see you out on the trails with us soon.