Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zion Traverse 2012

This past weekend I traveled down to Zion NP with Jason Thompson, Pete Stoughton, Matt Hart, Meghan Hicks, and Brian Kamm to run the stunning 48 mile Zion traverse (total was slightly over 50 miles for us given a couple scenic detours).  We ran west to east, from Lee's Pass in Kolob to the East Rim.   There was no rush: the priority for the day was just enjoying the terrain and the company and, as such, we started in the dark and finished in the dark. Thanks to Jay Aldous' generosity we stayed in style in a luxury suite just outside of the park which was a much preferable situation post-run to camping in the cold.  Here's a video of our adventure (soundtrack is another LEWIS! composition: guitar and banjo recorded on my iPhone).


  1. Nice job. This is cool. The Zion Traverse is my favorite run (sort of, long story). I am anxious to go back and do it more casually next time. I want to make several detours and just take it all in. I love that place. Oh, and your music is amazing. I make a lot of videos and would love to use some of your tunes if you're willing to share. Contact me on my blog if you'r interested.

  2. Hi Jun,
    Thanks- I'm happy to share my tunes if you're interested.

  3. Hey Lewis is there any place that lists each trail that you run on? I would like to do the Zion Traverse but am not seeing any lists or maps that are very detailed. Thanks!

  4. Hi Unknown-
    you can check out Matt Hart's write-up on his former FKT effort ( which has some good beta. Also check out Andrew Skurka's write-up: