Monday, January 31, 2011


3 weeks out from the Moab Red Hot 55k LEWIS is feeling pretty good.  He bags his second workout of the week and shortens his long run however due to some lingering tightness in his L. calf.  Not much else to say.

Mon- 1:00 easy, 700 ft vertical.
Tues - OFF
Wed - AM 1:15 with 30 min tempo starting at 6:15 pace, working down to 6:00 pace.
           PM 45 min easy.  500 vert.

Thurs - AM 55min from UCC, easy.  PM 55 min Bonneville.  total 1400 vert. Left. calf tight.

Fri- 1:25 with 1200 vert.  Included 20 min. moderately hard up Grandeur Peak.

Sat- 1:35 easy, pipeline.  300 vert.

Sun- 2:10 at Jeremy Ranch.  1000 vert.  easy.   L. calf still a little tight.

Total= 10 hours.  5100 vert total.

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