Monday, December 19, 2011

December Running

Not too much to report on the running front.  December has been a bit of a wash with 2 weeks of sickness along with poor air quality in the valley.  Have now had a couple false starts in getting up and going with some real quality training but have managed several threshold efforts on longer climbs as well as a few light fartlek workouts.  Thinking of 'running' the Kahtoola snowshoe festival 50k late January but it is looking like my first race in earnest will be the Antelope Island 50 miler in March.  
On Grandeur Peak, socked-in valley below.
Black Mtn.

Bethany, somewhere bushwhacky in the snow-free foothills.

Lookout Peak run w Brent.  

On Mt. Aire, overlooking the inversion.

Rime covered foothills

Surreal evening run up Mt. Wire, above the inversion.


Temple Square Xmas lights.