Monday, March 9, 2015

Recent Adventures

It has been a busy few weeks, even if predominated by illness.   Highlights have been exploring Nevada's Red Rock Canyon, slogging laps on Grandeur peak for Jared Campbell's annual Running Up For Air (RUFA), and running a double crossing of the Grand Canyon last weekend with Jason Thompson on his birthday.  I would say that the short movie below of the Grand Canyon run involves a first in the pairing of banjo and theremin however a quick Google search in this regard shows an improbable 186,000 results.  I will, however, claim a banjo/theremin/r2r2r FKT on this one.  #chocolatepeanutbuttertreat

circle of life, bonneville shoreline trail.

Jason T. and myself, starting down Bright Angel trail.

Jason, psyched at the halfway point, N. Kaibab.

RUFA, Bethany and Roch

Luke N. 

Grandeur summit #3.

Jason and Ty.

My routine afternoon run from work.

Red Rocks Canyon, NV