Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Buffalo Run and Maine

Given a full winter of seemingly continuous upper respiratory infections I chose to drop down to the 50k distance rather than run 50 miles at the Antelope Island Buffalo Run given limited consistent training.  I've raced here once before in the 50 mile distance, in the process unfortunately fracturing my foot somewhere along the way.  I'm pleased to report osseous integrity this time around.  Other than that I don't have a heck of a lot to say.  I ran 4:10 for 5th place with laps of 2:00 and 2:10- unspectacular but at least what I estimate to be an effective milking of my current fitness.  Perhaps I could have eked out a few minutes quicker with better pacing but all in all the performance was about what I was capable of on the day.  Aerobically I felt unchallenged.  The legs on the other hand were wholly unprepared for that much relatively quick running on the fast, graded terrain of the island.  Strangely I am still unlisted in the results, perhaps due to dropping down in distance.   

The aid station we set up at the Ranch for the 100 mile runners the day before.

Ada's baseball skills suggest she will also be a runner.
Ski tour on Sunday post race.

Trip to Maine, on Wilson Lake with Papa.

Family run on snowmobile trails

Run with dad. 

Finny and GG.