Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Zealand Month #5 (February)

Ada volunteering in a Wellington Street Performance
Tongariro crossing.

Tongariro crossing


Tongariro Crossing
Tongariro Crossing

Hike with Mimi and Papa in Taupo

Huka falls, Taupo

Rotorua mud pools


Rainy day at Te Puia

Chinese New Year in Dunedin


Castle Point



North island trail run.


Wellington trail run

Silly time.

with Mimi.

Bethany, post Tarawera ultra marathon

Another trail run from Wellington on a rainy day.


Dunedin weekly farmers market

Ada art + google deep dream software


Friends from SLC: The Adlers.

Our sheep.

Do you dare?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Zealand Month #4 (January)

January was a strange month as Bethany took the kids back to Iowa City for 3 weeks given some family health issues.  My parents came for a month long tour of New Zealand and I intersected with them for their first week here, showing them around Dunedin and then taking a trip to Te Anau and Milford Sound.

'Harbour Way' by Ada

The family takes off for Iowa City

Dinner alone


A change of scenery.  Iowa City.

Mussells for dinner.

Not in NZ.

Prepared for a Dunedin winter.

Cricket game.  Enough to reaffirm my commitment to never again spectate a sporting event. 

'Harbour Way' through Google Deep Dream algorithm.

At least 60% of my calorie intake in NZ. 

Run from work.

Mom and Dad visit Dunedin.

Brunch at our favourite place.


Out on the Otago peninsula.

Allans Beach

Sea lion.

Hike on the Kepler track.

Hike near Milford Sound.

Milford Sound.

Out and back long run on the Kepler track.

Milford, deep dream style.

In Te Anau, en route to glow worms.

Surfing with work buddies David and Neil