Thursday, February 18, 2016

2016 Moab Red Hot 55k/33k Weekend


This past weekend Bethany's brothers Wes and Tim came to town and we headed down to Moab with my sister Zoe, Billy, and Finley to take part in the Moab Red Hot 55k/33k.  Bethany ran the 33k together with her siblings and Billy while I tried my hand at the 55k.  Good times were had by all, however my end of the deal seemed to involve an inordinate amount of suffering.  Unsurprisingly, slogging slowly uphill on soft, snowy trails hasn't provided the specific adaptations to running quickly on dirt and slickrock.  My legs could detect this early on despite a seemingly untaxed aerobic system.  I tweaked my L. calf around halfway, then rolled my L. ankle and was frustratingly relegated to antalgic walking on the sections of downhill cambered sandstone.   In short order my whole left leg was seizing up on me given my wonky gait.  I finished in a quiet 4:35 for 10th place overall.  The sibs and Billy finished seemingly unfazed and then proceeded to prance around drinking beers while I focused intensely on muscle spasms.  Thanks to Zoe for watching the kiddos.


Team Chocolate Peanut Butter Treat.


Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

Slickrock. Wes, Tim, Bethany, Billy
Smog Lake City.

Wes and Tim.

Post race.
Post Race.