Saturday, July 28, 2018

NZ Months #9, #10

Some good adventures over the last 2 months including a backpacking trip with Ada on the Mt. Sommer's track with friends.  Bethany and Junie turned back on day #1, which turned out to be a smart move given a dramatic turn in the weather with full on winter conditions.  Our hike out was 7 hrs of full on freezing rain/snow and exposed ridge lines. Ada was a total champ.  Some fun local events and then a week long trip to Fiji.

Found a big juicy coconut in Fiji.

I know I said I'd never attend another sporting event but I was convinced by the family to go to this rugby game.  Inconsistency is the hobgoblin of weak minds.

another sunrise from our house.

Ada, Bella, and Zac

Bethany, Junie, and Grant 

Another xc race for Ada.

Flagstaff run.


Backpacking trip on Mt. Sommers track 

snowy run over Flagstaff

little imp

Junie turns 1!

Dunedin mid winter festival

Mt. Cargill run with Bethany.

Family in Fiji.

gathering coconuts

run with Grant on Cargill

Bethany, getting back to her speedy roots at the park run 5k. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

NZ Month #8

Playing at Aramoana with the Guise family

Family hike up Mt. Cargill

Mt. Cargill



Kepler track hike

40th birthday surprise party!

X-country race.

Flagstaff run with Bethany

Roys Peak, Wanaka

Puzzling World Maze.

AM run up Ben Lomond, Queenstown

Roys Peak.

LUMA light festival, Queenstown

T.S.S. Earnslaw

AM run up Ben Lomond, Queenstown.

Evening in Queenstown.

LUMA light festival, Queenstown


Another trip to Puzzling World...

Run from Wanaka along lakefront.

Iron Mountain hike


Roys Peak, inversion. Wanaka

Exploring historic Clyde.